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        About Us MORE+

        Jinan Gogo International Trade Co.,Ltd. located in beautiful spring city--Jinan, the capital of Shandong province, which is a major agricultural province. Jinan Gogo is a manufacturer and exporter specialized in agricultural products. We have more than 26 years’ experiences in this field.
        Our major products including: garlic, ginger, onion, potato, carrot, peanut, beans , dehydrated vegetables, etc. Relying on high quality, and reasonable prices, our products are well sold in China and exported to many different countries and areas, such as EU, the Americas, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa,Japan and Korea.
        We always insist on the tenet and business spirit of "Quality first, client first", and obey our promise to keep credit standing.We welcome clients from at home and abroad to our company, discussing the cooperation of trade and the production for our mutual development.


        Contact UsMORE>>

        Company: Jinan Gogo International Trade Co.,Ltd.
        Zip: 250014
        Mobile Phone: +86-15550051766
        E-mail: garlic@jngogo.com
        Website: www.fs013.com

        Factory:Jinxiang golden sand fruits&vegetables co.,ltd
        Address:Development area,jinxiang,jining,china.
        Mobile Phone: +86-18505477686
        Websit: www.jxgoldensand.com

        Product MORE>>

        • Frozen green pepper slice
        • Singo pear
        • Frozen onion
        • Frozen carrot
        • Frozen pear
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